Exclusive Ebony Log Docks
1.Charge your smartphone device in a fashionable way with the exotic wooden docking station. Each piece of wood is carefully selected from premium ebony, rosewood, redwood and beech, then individually handcrafted by our woodcraft masters to create the best product for its very own shape and nature. Not only is the docking station completely unique in its design, it is even eco friendly. 2.All docks below are compatible with iPhone 5, 5S, 5C,Ā iPod Touch 5th gen. andĀ iPad MiniĀ using theĀ Apple Lightning connector by default. 3.Change to connector for Samsung, HTC or other makers by special request. 4. JHD01 Exclusive Ebony Log Docks Ebony, considered the king of wood kind, yields a grand dark blackish-brown color. Ebony is most used to make inlays for luxury furniture, chess pieces, or keys on a piano. A 60 cm diameter tree would take 200 years to grow, making the dock the most exclusive accessory on any desks.Ā  Extremely limited Supply. Wood Origin: Africa

Model #: JHD01
Other Options: JHD02,JHD03